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Music at Peel Park


All pupils experience an outstanding broad and balanced curriculum throughout their Peel Park journey. They will be taught fundamental musicianship skills through practical, fun and engaging lessons. During their school life, children will have opportunities to participate in and experience a range of live performances.

Peel Park believes that developing a love for learning in Music is crucial and we do this, by inspiring curiosity and providing children with the essential skills and knowledge to build upon and prepare them for the next stage. We aim to provide a high-quality music education knowing that teaching music is highly important for the following reasons:

  • Music improves learning skills.
  • Music fosters team working – Music promotes the importance of working harmoniously with others towards a common goal.
  • Music builds life skills - Playing an instrument or learning to sing requires real concentration, quietness and calm whether on stage or in the classroom. Working alongside other members of a musical group helps children to recognise their own skills and appreciate those of others.
  • Music encourages creativity - Music enables young people to express themselves. Encouraging creativity also teaches them to think outside the box when problem solving.
  • Music is for life - An early start in music often results in music becoming a life-long passion.
  • Music is an educational building block - The Department for Education has stated that a high-quality music education can improve self-confidence, behaviour and social skills as well as improve academic achievement across the curriculum with disadvantaged children benefiting the most.
  • Music is fun - Music making is not only good for the brain but also the heart!
  • Music is for everyone - Music is inclusive irrespective of abilities. Music gives children a unique motivation to participate and communicate and advances in technology mean more children than ever can take part in and reap the many benefits of a music education.


Peel Park aims to provide all pupils with a quality music education, which engages and inspires children to develop a love of music children to increase their self-confidence, creativity, imagination. We offer opportunities for children to develop and explore their talents in all aspects of music including music appreciation, composition, singing, and performing whilst experiencing a variety genres and composers.  We appreciate the voice as an instrument in its own right and to perform for a variety of audiences.


In music lessons the children are involved in making and responding to music. We aim to develop each of the formal elements of music through performing, composing, and appraising in all activities and extend these skills by applying listening skills, knowledge and understanding of music. In order to fulfil the objectives, we use the Kapow scheme of Music in EYFS, KS1 and KS2.  Children in Year 5 have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and will perform at the end of their block of sessions.


At the same time, it is important to develop the idea that music is fun and is for life. The children are given opportunities to experience a wide range of live music, both within school and at other venues.


Our music curriculum ensures that children understand and know how music is created, produced and communicated, through the formal elements of music and appropriate musical notations.

An understanding that the enjoyment and pleasure when listening to and experiencing music supports and benefits mental health and well being on a personal level.

A positive attitude towards understanding and tolerance of the diversity of the United Kingdom and respect of other cultures and personal preferences.